Mobile Food/Clothes Pantry

Mobile Pantry

Launched in June 2012, our Mobile Food and Clothes Pantry brings nourishment, clothing and other support to the most vulnerable populations of West Tennessee. Working in partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank, multi-faith church communities, schools, businesses and individuals, we now bring nonperishable and (as available) perishable foods along with clothing to an increasingly distant parts of our diocese.  MS Food Bank

We welcome your donations of non-perishable foods and gently worn clothing during our normal office hours. For exceptionally large donations we are pleased to pick up your donation. Please call (901) 722-4797 to arrange a pick-up.


Need knows no boundaries of ethnicity, age, faith or gender. Neither do we.


Following the teachings of Jesus Christ, we provide help to those facing chronic poverty and bring hope through intervention, counseling and case management.

Service Overview

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee serves people regardless of religious beliefs, socio-economic status or ethnic background. Catholic Charities is not just for the Catholic community, it is from the Catholic community.

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United Way

United Way

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