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Following the teachings of Jesus Christ, we provide help to those in need and bring them hope by supporting them on the path from poverty to self-sufficiency.


A community where all can find hope, dignity, and support from their neighbors in time of need.

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee has been serving West Tennessee for over 50 years, working to end hunger, end homelessness, and offer hope to families seeking a better tomorrow.

We try to meet people where they are, offering hope as we help, and we never do this work alone. Volunteerism is a key driver in this work, as individuals, churches, businesses, schools, and others serve with us every day.

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What We Do

Informed by the themes of Catholic Social Teaching, CCWTN approaches its work with a spirit of hospitality, intentionality, and service.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services represents the largest number of people served, and includes food, clothing, and disaster assistance for over 50,000 people each year.

Housing & Outreach Services

Housing and Outreach Services stabilize the community, ending homelessness for 400-500 individuals each year. One in 3 experiencing homelessness in Memphis and Shelby County will get connected to assistance at CCWTN.

Community Support Services

Community Support Services include summer camp, family empowerment, school supplies, and holiday giving. These programs combined, serve the non-emergency needs of nearly 3,000 people each year.

Why It Matters

Building trust through outreach and emergency services to increasing access to self-sufficiency programs can offer lasting poverty solutions but requires intentional efforts and partnership to be successful.
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Emergency Services provides food, clothing, baby supplies, and seasonal programs to low-income families and individuals across a 21-county service area, with approximately 75% of these services happening in the Memphis area. Over the last year, this program served just over 54,000 unduplicated individuals within low-income households, victims of natural disasters and emergencies, and the homeless/transient population through both mobile and on-site distribution.
Housing Services provides assistance for persons experiencing homelessness, focusing on creating a successful path to permanent and stable housing. Over the last year, Catholic Charities ended homelessness for over 400 people, and is on track to exceed 500 in the coming year. Approximately 1 in 3 people experiencing homelessness in the Greater Memphis area are served at CCWTN.

Outreach Services meet the basic needs of Memphis’ homeless population. These services are designed to build trust, connect resources, and ultimately map a path to housing stability. Services include mobile street outreach, daily meals, clothing, access to restrooms, hand washing stations, and weekly community prayer with coffee at CCWTN. This program has grown by 300% since COVID-19 arrived.

Community Support Services include programs that empower families to thrive. These include Driving the Dream, of which CCWTN is one of six coordination hubs in Memphis. Families with school aged children benefit from Camp Love & Learn as an affordable, academically-enriched summer camp option for low-income children.