Emergency Services

if you are in need of food or financial assistance, Catholic Charities is here to help.
Catholic Charities provides food assistance at multiple locations in the Greater Memphis area. We also have a network of partners across West Tennessee for your convenience. Our goal is to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Foodbox Locations

One way you may receive food assistance is by visiting one of our drive through mobile pantries. The pantries offer a no contact distribution from your vehicle. Please bring a copy of your ID and proof of residence (i.e., a piece of mail with your name and address) for this service. See below for drive through pantry locations and times:

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee

Catholic Charities Downtown Outreach Center (St. Patrick Catholic Church)

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church (Tipton and Lauderdale County)

St. Augustine Catholic Church

St. Paul Catholic Church

Meal Bag Locations

If you are not driving and visiting one of our locations by foot or bus, we offer daily meal bags that include approximately three small meals. Although we do not require ID or proof of residence for this service, please bring them if you would like to speak about other services offered by Catholic Charities (i.e., housing, family programs, jobs). See below for our community outreach center locations and times:

Catholic Charities Midtown Outreach Center

Catholic Charities Downtown Outreach Center
(St. Patrick Catholic Church)

Rent/Mortgage and Utility Assistance

Services available include:

When funding is available in our 21-county service area, the application will be linked here.